Submitting on Mimir Classroom takes only a few seconds.

There are a few different ways you can submit your project to Mimir's servers:

Single/Multiple Files

After clicking Submit Project on the top right click on upload files to get a file picker dialog. Inside this dialog, you can ctrl/command click to select multiple files to upload, or just upload a single file. These files can be any type, and they will automatically be uploaded to Mimir Classroom upon hitting the Submit button.

Tip: You can also select file(s) in your file browser (Windows Explorer/Mac Finder/nix Nautilus/nix Dolphin) and drag them onto the submit dialog to upload.

Zip file

If you are working with several files or multiple directories, the best way to to submit is via a zip file. You can upload them using the same process as above. If you don't know how to zip files, click the button below for a tutorial.

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