All student accounts are granted a free two week trial after joining a course. This is to allows for the normal add/drop period to elapse before a student must commit to purchasing access. 

Once the trial expires, you will be unable to work in your course until you either enter a qualifying access code or make a payment with a credit card.

During the trial period, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the course page. The banner will indicate how many days of the trial are left before payment is required. You may click the Pay Now button on the banner at any time to purchase access.

Clicking the Pay Now button will bring up this dialog, where you can either enter an access code or purchase a "key" using a credit card to gain access for the course term.

Purchase Access

This is the most common way for a student to purchase access. Click the Purchase a Key for $25 button shown in the above image and follow the steps on the page to enter your credit card information. You will gain immediate access to the course.

Mimir Student Access Code

The only case in which you will already have a student access code is if you have purchased a Mimir Access Code Card from your institution's bookstore. Simply scratch off the card to get the code and enter it in the designated field to gain access.

Note: If you do not see a yellow banner on the main course page and/or you are not prompted to pay for access upon login, you have either already purchased access or your institution has paid for access to Mimir Classroom for your specific course. In this case, you are not at risk for losing access to your course.

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