New Content Library Layout πŸ“

We've added the ability to add new items to a Content Library, so you can create shared Projects, Assignments, and Lessons easily.

We've also updated the looks and functionality of the Content Library. After reviewing the page, we decided that the Content Library worked better as a list. Actions have been moved to the right hand side. You can still drag-and-drop items around the content library!

Content Library Navigation πŸ™Œ

In addition the new content library layout, we worked on the consistency of navigation around the Content Library. Breadcrumbs on Content Library projects, assignments, and lessons now list the Content Library folder that they are in, and navigating to and from those items is much more consistent.

Easier grading workflow πŸ‘

We've improved the grading workflow. View a submission now defaults to a collapsed description, files are now scrollable, and click "Save & Next" while grading automatically places focus on the next submission's grade box.

Better Grading for Late Assignments

We've added some new information to the grading flow so you can see how the late penalty applies to an assignment submission.

New Icons ⚑️

We've redone the icons across the Mimir platform. We are constantly making improvements to the platform's usability and looks, and adding new icons is the first step in unifying the look.

Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨️

We are steadily adding keyboard shortcuts around the platform! Right now ⌘/^ + S will now save on pages that have save buttons. We will be adding more keyboard shortcuts in coming releases.

Unanswered Questions ❌

We've added some more indications that a student didn't answer a code question on an assignment.

gmock Support ✨

We've added the ability to use gmock in C++ unit tests! For more information, check out our help docs !

Support for linker libraries in C/C++ projects πŸ”—

We now support adding options like -lm in C and C++ project command line arguments. Any linked libraries will be put in the correct order on the command line.

Bugfixes πŸ›

As always we are fixing bugs around the platform. If you run into a bug, let us know!

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