Better Syntax Highlighting for Code

We've added the ability to add code snippets throughout the platform description boxes. In all description editing boxes you will now see this button, which you can use to add code snippets in HTML/XML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Java, C, C#, and C++.

Better UX Feedback for Compiling Errors

If submissions contain compiling errors the debug window will not show the pretty diff and alert the student that they project has an error in compiling. 

Change Account Email

Now users can change the email associated with their account. The process requires the user to add and verify their account with a new email and then removes the old email. All the other account information and the account password are not changed and users won't lose their prior coursework.

Larger Coding Window for Test Cases

We recognize that writing and editing test cases can be difficult in a small window. We've added a button to the upper right of the code window in test cases that will expand the editor in a much larger modal.

Assignment Question with 0 Points

Instructors can now set an assignment question to 0/0 points in order to remove it from the overall weight of an assignment or to allow a question to be used as bonus or extra credit question.

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