Mimir IDE (V2)

Improvements / bugs / defects

  • Improved performance while auto-scaling - statement

  • Auto-save on session timeout after 25 minutes so that users don't lose work

  • Saved and persistent settings

  • Improved browser compatibility for Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and Safari

  • UX for the File browser folders and files

  • Expanded key mappings (see Help)

New features

  • Themes

  • Project submission workflow with submission and test case details in the IDE for debugging (see submission details under the Mimir menu)

  • Open/edit command support - like open and submit

  • Markdown preview


  • GIT Repository in the menu (still supported in command line)

Updated UI Styles

  • There should be no change to function of the UI, but all the buttons and colors have been made more consistent and better support accessibility contract guidelines.

Linters for Custom Test Cases

  • The Shellcheck linter has been added to the custom test case to help users avoid bash syntax errors and common pitfalls.

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