A user can upload a programming file or project to the Mimir Classroom IDE in any of the following ways:

  1. Upload files from your local machine to the Mimir Classroom IDE
    Once the IDE is open, right-click the empty space within the left hand 'Files' panel, select 'Upload' and choose the file or folder from the local computer. A user can also select 'File' > 'Upload' or 'Upload Folder' or select the 'Upload File' icon at the top of the Files panel.

  2. Open an existing project submission
    If a user submits code to a project, the file(s) submitted will then be available to edit within the IDE.
    NOTE: If the user opens the IDE from the project without uploading a submission file, they will see only the starter code in a folder created for the associated project.

  3. Load files from another cloud instance
    Because the Mimir Classroom IDE is a fully provisioned virtual environment, users can utilize standard terminal commands SCP or SSH to another remote cloud server to retrieve their files. 

Once saved within the IDE, all files are persistent and remain with the users instance of the IDE if the user closes and revisits at a later time.

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