After submitting work on programming projects, Mimir Classroom will have your results ready in just a few seconds. You can find your results on the right hand side. Here you will find the results of each of the test cases that were run against your code.

Extra Debugging Info
Instructors have the option to provide you with extra debugging information on an individual test case. If they do so, you can access it by clicking on the names of the test cases.

Partially Hidden or Fully Hidden Test Cases
By default you will be able to view the point values and pass/fail status for your test cases, but instructors have the option to make test cases partially or fully hidden. You will be able to see the name of partially hidden test cases as a line item in your results but you will not be able to see their point values or status. Fully hidden test cases are never visible. The results of partially or fully hidden test cases can be made available to you at your instructor's discretion. 

Manual Grading Component
While the results of test cases will be returned to you within seconds, some programming projects have a manual grading component that your instructors and TAs need to complete by hand. The results of these will be made available to you as they are completed.

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