New Help & Chat Launcher

All the help resources have been consolidated into a single location. 

New Language Supported

Java 9, Java 10, & C++ 17 are now available to use across projects and assignments.

Test Case Debugging Information Updated

The option to 'Show Compiler/Debug Output' was added to visibility options.

The output windows were rearranged to be more common and readable. For example the Code Quality test now shows the score on the bottom and it isn't replicating the Compiler response. 

Coursework Extension Student Lookup

Instructors are now given a search box to find students rather than a drop down list to scroll through. This UI scales much better for larger classes. 

Saving Student Answers in Assignments

In the past, students mistook the Save & Run button for Code Problems was saving work in other problems in the assignment. If they navigated away from the assignment work in other questions was not saved. This now saves all the questions as students work in assignments. This should resolve the problem of unintentionally losing work. 

Uploading Images or Files in Descriptions

Instructors can now upload files to descriptions before saving the item (before you had to save the course before being able to upload things to the description)

Page Titles Updated

All the pages in the application now have more descriptive names for page titles. This will help all users find the pages they are looking for in tabs and browser history. 

Patched Visibility to Other Student Submission

During compilation the test case debugging information exposed access to other student submissions. This has been fix. 

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