New Assignment Design Public Beta

The new assignment design is out of private beta and is available to all platform users in a public beta. To prevent any disruption to your active courses, the new design must be manually enabled. 

You can toggle this new beta design on a per assignment level by clicking the "Switch Assignment Design" button on top of the edit assignment page. You can toggle back and forth between the old and new assignment design at anytime. Your students will see the same design as you.

You'll have access to all the same features as before in this new design as well as a few new ones like the code review question type. The focus of this redesign was to clean up and improve the user experience for both instructors and students. 

Code Review Question Type For Assignments

We're happy to introduce a new question type for assignments - the code review question. With code review questions, you can ask your students to comment on a section of code that you provide. This question type is only available in the new assignment design. 

Multisection TAs

TAs can now be assigned to multiple sections. You can change a user's section(s) by accessing the course directory within Mimir Classroom. Students are still limited to one section and instructors do not have a section affiliation. 

IDE Contents Export

All content in your IDE can be exported by clicking a single button within your settings page. Access the settings page by hovering on your name and then clicking settings.

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Made panel spacing more uniform.

  • Fixed the blur on the test case form.

  • Fixed a bug where you can enter a negative late penalty. 

  • Added CAS support.

  • Refactor of the codebase to prepare for upcoming features.

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