Starting Out

How do I join my course?

In order to join a course on Mimir Classroom, you will need to receive either 1) a unique course code or 2) an email invitation from your instructor for instant access to the course. To join a course with a course code, register for an account with your school email address and click “Join Course” at the bottom of the left hand sidebar. Then, enter the code provided by your instructor.

How do I pay for Mimir Classroom?

To pay for access to Mimir Classroom, click on the name of your course under Current Courses in the left hand sidebar. If your institution does not cover access to Mimir Classroom or you have not already paid for access, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the course page stating the amount of days left in the trial period. Click the link on the banner to make immediate payment by credit card. Once the trial period has ended, you will be prompted to complete a credit card payment in order to gain access to your course.

As an alternative to paying online, you instructor may order course cards to be sold at your school’s bookstore. These scratch-off cards contain a one-time-use course code that can be entered on the payment screen after following the directions above. 

Note: You will only need to use one of these methods, so if you have purchased a course card at the bookstore, you do not need to make a credit card payment within Mimir Classroom.

I am not using Mimir Classroom anymore or I’ve dropped my course. How do I get a refund?

Mimir will grant a refund to students who leave a course within 28 days, or 4 weeks, after paying for access with a credit card. To receive a refund, click the name of your course under Current Courses in the left hand sidebar. Once you are on the course page, click “Leave Course”, located in the right hand sidebar. Your refund will be issued after a normal processing window.

To receive a refund for a Mimir Classroom course access card, you will need to contact the bookstore where you purchased the card.

Mimir Classroom IDE

The Mimir Classroom cloud-based IDE is compatible with most modern browsers. However, for optimal performance, we recommend running the IDE on the most recent version of Google Chrome and whitelisting on your ad blocker.

How do I access the IDE?

You can access the Mimir Classroom IDE in one of two ways. The first is to click on a project in your active coursework and select “Open IDE” on that project’s main page. Alternatively, if your instructor has included an IDE button on the main course page, you can select “Open IDE” from there.

Is there a run button in the IDE?

The IDE is a full Linux environment and programs are run from the command line. Since the IDE supports many different languages, there is no single run command for them all. Follow the method for executing programs that your instructor showed you or reach out to him or her for assistance.

I'm having trouble saving in the IDE.

Mimir Classroom has websockets that check for activity as you work in the IDE. After a prolonged period of inactivity, your IDE session will be flagged as inactive and you may lose the ability to save work. This can also happen when ad-blockers or antivirus software installed on the student's computer or browser block those websockets. If you lose the ability to save, copy all work in progress to a secure place and restart the IDE. You can then copy your work back to the IDE and save.

If your code keeps running without terminating, this could also be the result of an IDE timeout. In this case, follow the same instructions as above.

Will I have access to my code on Mimir Classroom after the semester ends?

If you want to access work from a course that has ended, you will still be able to log in to Mimir Classroom and view old data. Occasionally, however, instructors will disable this ability. If you log in to Mimir Classroom and are unable to see content from a previous course, you will need to request permission from the instructor to gain access.

To download files submitted to a previous project, click on the project and scroll down to where it says "Files Submitted." In this section, click the "download" button to download 

a zip file of your project submission. You can also download work performed in the IDE from your account settings page. There is not currently a way to download data from your assignment submissions.

Working On Projects and Assignments

Can Mimir help me with my project/assignment?

Mimir Classroom support representatives are not permitted to help students with their work. We can only help students with using the platform.

How do I know that my work is saved?

When working on an assignment, you should click “Save Work” periodically to ensure that your progress is saved. While saving an assignment or project is not the same as submitting your work, if you do not click “Submit Assignment” at any time before the assignment is due, your latest saved state will be submitted automatically.

While working on a project in the IDE, as long as you save the file that you are working on within the IDE, that file will be accessible in its latest saved state if the IDE is exited and reopened at a later time. Currently the IDE performs automatic backups every 5 minutes, so in an emergency any files that have been saved and later deleted can likely be recovered by one of our engineers.

How do I submit a project or assignment?

To submit a file or folder to a project from the IDE, right click the file and choose “Mimir: Submit [File/Directory]” and you will be prompted to select the project to which you would like to submit. You can also use the paper airplane icon at the top of the left hand sidebar to submit your work or Mimir > Submit Project from the menu at the top of the screen.

To submit an assignment, click the green “Submit Assignment” button on the right hand sidebar of the assignment you’re working on. You will then see a message highlighted in green that reads “Submission Successful!” and can then exit the assignment.

Will my instructor accept my last project submission or my best submission score for my grade?

Instructors have the ability to configure project grading settings to their preference and can choose either of these options. The best way to find out how your project will be graded is to ask your instructor directly.

I received an email reminder that my project is due but I thought I already submitted it. Did my submission get lost?

Email reminders from Mimir Classroom are automatic and can be configured in your user account settings. If you have due date email notifications enabled, you will receive a reminder of the due date even if you have completed and submitted the project or assignment. This notification is meant to serve as a reminder that the project or assignment will be closing in the event that you want to make any updates to your work.

To configure your notification settings, click your name at the top right hand corner of the screen and select ‘settings’.  Notification settings are located at the bottom of the settings page.

I failed a project test case, but I can’t find the issue. What can I do?

It’s always a good idea to ensure that your file names and methods are the same as the project requires. If your names are different, they will not be tested properly. Your instructor sets up test cases to give you feedback. Read the visible sections clearly. If you think a test case is broken, erroneous, or missing information, reach out to your instructor.

My code passed all the tests. Why did I get a lower grade after the assignment/project ended?

Test case scoring is configured by your instructor. Each test case carries an individual weight. Test cases may also be made hidden until after the due date and your instructor can also modify your grade manually. For additional information about your grade, you should contact your instructor. 

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