Query Results test cases are really useful for checking that your students are capable of writing queries for your flavor of SQL that match your own results. You can think of them as the database version of IO test cases from standard code questions!

How it works

They currently have a few options, but for the most part are pretty straightforward! You write your queries as your solution files, then inside of the Query Results test case, you specify the query you'd like to run, as well as the Dataset that you'd like to load into the DB.

If you save and run the test case at this point, you'll be able to see your results in a CSV form, and you can click the button underneath the CSV to view them rendered in a table form. As long as your query executes successfully, it will mark the test case as working, and will use your output as the solution output!

There is an option for row/column order sensitivity, which is toggled off by default. If you want to enforce that your students output in a specific order or with specific columns, you'll want to make sure that this is enabled.

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