As an instructor, the first thing you need to do to get started on Mimir Classroom - and before you can create any content - is create a course. This will let you organize the different students you teach into their respective courses and assign projects and assignments accordingly.

To begin, first click on your name on the bottom left of the sidebar and then click on the button that says Create Course. The first field, Course Name, should be instantly recognizable to your students, for example: "CS101: Intro to Programming." The Course Description allows you describe the course goals, student resources (such as a link to the syllabus), and any other general information that you want to provide. Finally, you will need to give the course a start date and end date. These fields can be change at a later time using the Edit Course function.

The new course will not be available to students until you decide to add them. Since instructor accounts are always free, you can take your time to experiment with creating content on the platform before adding students to the course. 

Once you have created the course and the start date is reached, students can create an account and join your course using a unique course key code or invite from an instructor or TA.

For next steps, take a look at these articles: Finding Your Course Key, Adding Users to a Course.

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