Add Individual Users

Instructors and TAs can add students, TAs, and instructors to a course using the Add People button. From the course page, click the Add People button.

From here, you'll be presented with the 4 different ways of adding users to a course:

Every class is different, so we provide multiple ways to add students and faculty to your course. Here's a basic rundown of the 4 different ways to add users to a course:

Course Codes
Course codes allow you to provide codes to any type of user. They'll be able to use this code when they register a new account or click "Join Course" in the sidebar. TAs should use student codes to join, then you can update their role from the course directory. There are separate course codes for instructors, allowing you to securely add other instructors to your class.
You can also click on the "Copy Link" buttons which instantly take the user to the join course page and auto-fills the course code for them.

LMS Integration
By linking your course to your learning management system, you can allow students to join your course with one click from within the LMS. You can then enjoy additional benefits like grade syncing. 

Send Invitations
If you have a set of students, TAs, or instructors who you want to email registration links to, you can do so here using simple form elements. They'll be provided with a link to directly join the course.

Update Course Roster
Lastly, you can upload or edit a CSV which will allow you to make all sorts of bulk changes to the course, such as adding students/TAs/instructors, assigning sections, changing roles, etc. 

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