Add Individual Users

Instructors and TAs can add other users with any role to a course using the Course Directory. First, click on the course you wish to manage from the main navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen.

Then select the directory tab to access the users of the course.

On the  Directory page, click Add Students, TAs and Instructors.

You will be presented with the menu below.

After filling in an email address and role for the users you would like to add, click Add to Course.

The newly invited user(s) will receive an email with a link to the registration page, where the user role will be automatically sign. If the user's email address is already registered on the platform, they will receive immediate access to the course.Note: Sending an invite to a user whose email address is already assigned a different role on the platform will present an error. To change an existing user's role in the course, return to the Course Directory using the steps above.

Add Multiple Students

To add students in bulk, click Upload A CSV. You will then be able to add multiple students by email in a comma separated list.

Student Access Code & Instructor Access Code

To let students self register and join the course on their own, an instructor or TA can instead send students the course's unique Student Access Code.

The same can be done for instructors; click Get the instructor code to see their unique code. See this article to find access codes: XXXX

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