Both assignment and projects on Mimir Classroom share a status system. There are 4 different states that coursework can be in on Mimir Classroom.

When you create coursework, announcements, or lessons in a course, their default status is draft. When an item is in draft mode, only instructors and TAs can view it within a course. You can move this out of draft mode by scheduling it.

Course items that have release dates set are in a scheduled state. Students will not be able to see these items until the release date is reached.

LIVE (Open / Partially Open)
Course items that reach the release date are moved into the live state. When a course item is in the live state, students will be able to see and interact with it.

Projects and assignments (coursework) are the only course items that have a closed state. Coursework enters when that due date has passed and late days + extensions are over. 

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