There are eight question types to choose from when designing an assignment.  This document explains their purpose, behavior, and settings for each question type.

Question Types

Code Question:

Code questions are unique to the Mimir Classroom platform and allow instructors to evaluate a higher order demonstrated thinking and problem-solving. 

These questions act as a single file project with test cases used to evaluate the success of a solution and automatically assign points. Like project test cases, instructors can hide some test cases from students to ensure that students aren't 'coding' to pass the test case.

Code Review:

With code review questions, you can ask your students to comment on a section of code that you provide. This question type must be graded manually. During the grading process Mimir Classroom overlays a solution set of comments on the student's comments to make grading easier.

Database Questions:

Database questions are similar to code questions but feature a unique set of testcases that were tailor made to handle database coursework. See Database Questions for more Info.

Multiple Choice:

Designed to have users identify the single correct answer out of numerous possible options. Used to judge understanding. Recommend 5 or fewer options. Able to be automatically graded by Mimir. 


Similar to a multiple choice question, Checkbox questions offer students multiple choices to answer a question, but allows the instructor to require multiple correct answers to be selected to receive full credit for the question. Checkbox questions are automatically graded. 

File Upload: 

This question type allows the student to load work that was not completed or created on the Mimir Classroom platform.  File uploaded answers allow the instructor to incorporate the work with the assignment overall and assign points for the work. Students can upload code files, standard office document types, and images. File upload questions are only manually graded.

Short Answer: 

For the short answer question, you simply type in a question and the user gets a one-line text box to enter their response. This question type is manual grading and does not allow for any formatting of the answer. Mimir recommends using for answers less than a sentence (200 characters) in length. These questions are only manually graded.

Long Answer:

Best suited for open ended question response. Mimir recommends using for answers less than 2-3 paragraphs in length. Long answer questions can be used to allow students to share additional understanding or comprehension on a topic. These questions are only manually graded.

Question Settings

Each question has a title, description, point value, and answer.

Questions can be reordered after they are added but answers to multiple choice, checkbox, and test cases can not. 

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