Group projects are designed to allow multiple students to collaborate, learn and submit work together.  All students in the group are able to submit project code and all students share a grade (highest score or last submission).

There are two options for managing groups; Instructor managed and student managed.

Instructors have the option to make any course project a group or individual project in project settings. Instructors can set the size of a project and whether the groups created by students or assigned by the instructor. Groups are not required to have a maximum size.

Group projects managed by students allows any student to invite other students to their group. The invited student has the option to accept or reject the invitation. Once a student accepts and joins a group the course instructor is the only user who can remove them from a group. Once they are not in a group they are free to join another group. Students are not required to join a group. 

For group projects, the main page for the project will list the groups instead of users. The instructor would click on the group name to view the group's submission.  

Once students have joined a group project and started submitting work the project can not be changed back to an individual project. 

Student submission to a group project stays with the group even if the student is removed from a project. 

Submissions in the same group are not compared for plagiarism. 

Any student in a group can submit and review other student submissions in a group project. Finally, all students in a group receive the same grade for the project in the grade book.

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