Mimir Classroom has built in plagiarism tools to help maintain academic integrity. 

If you click on the plagiarism tab on the project page, you will be taken to the plagiarism area where you can run a Mimir Plagiarism Scan or export the submission into MOSS for a third party plagiarism scan. MOSS is a free plagiarism service maintained by Stanford. We simply act as a pass through service for MOSS.

On the Mimir plagiarism scan, each entry in the table corresponds to a suspected plagiarism attempt. It will tell you the students involved, which files appear to be plagiarized, and give you a "Comparison Score", which reflects approximately how close the two submissions are to being exact copies. However, even a high score does not guarantee that two submissions were plagiarized.

You will also see buttons to view the submissions individually and another to view a comparison between the two submissions. The comparison page will let you make a decision to flag the submissions as plagiarized or not after looking them over. Using the decision feature will allow you to organize the results and also helps us improve our algorithm.

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