To access the submissions for a project, first navigate to the project and then click on the submissions tab. You will see a page like the one below.

  1. The main section of submissions consists of a table with the names of all your students and information on their progress on this project. For more information on submission statuses, look at this article.

  2. After you have selected on or more students, you will be able to select bulk actions on the right hand side. Bulk actions currently include granting extensions and starting the manual grading workflow.

  3. Also on the right hand side you will finder filters. You can use these to search for a student to bulk filter by status.

By clicking on a student's name or by starting the manual grading workflow, you will be taken to view an individual submission. 

At the top of this page, you fill find more information on this submission along with a submission timeline near the top right. Clicking on points in the submission timeline will allow you to view all of your students' submissions in addition to their best one.

On this page you can also leave feedback, download a zip of the current submission you are viewing, modify the manual grade, rerun testcases, and open this submission in the Mimir IDE.

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