This release of the Mimir IDE fixes quite a few bugs, and introduces a couple features to make the IDE a bit more user friendly!

Bugs Fixed

  • The Print Margin Column  guide line setting doesn't work as expected

  • Terminal canvas issues with Chrome 71 cause the terminal to break

  • Creating/Deleting folders does not refresh the Files Tree automatically

  • Command Palette is slow

  • Terminal does not resize correctly sometimes

  • Terminal breaks when zooming in

  • Editor: Find Next  and Editor: Jump to Line  have the same keyboard shortcut

  • Markdown Preview code block syntax highlighting doesn't work


  • Right clicking on a folder now has an Open Folder in Terminal option

  • Right clicking on a folder or a file now has a Duplicate option

  • The File menu now has an Exit  button

  • All dialog boxes now have context aware text in the confirmation buttons

  • Hyperlinks in the Terminal are now clickable

  • Removed the functionality that allowed hiding the menu bar

  • Warning dialog on trying to open large text/code files (over 2 MB, much more than that causes the page performance to drop quite a bit)

  • New Theme - Dracula 

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