Course integration with Moodle. If you haven't completed the integration at a course-level, make sure you follow the steps in the link above.

Initial Setup in Mimir

Grade syncing works at a project/assignment-level; which means that every assignment and project within the integrated course will require the following setup.

Start by creating the project or assignment in Mimir Classroom and checking the "Enable grade syncing with your LMS" option.

Note: you will only be able to turn on grade syncing while your coursework is in draft mode. It will not be an option after students have submitted work even if you change the status back to draft. 

Setup in Moodle

In Moodle, you will need to create a new External Tool. It will ultimately be easier for your students to have matching names in Moodle and Mimir, but this is not required. Select to add a new Preconfigured tool.

Use the following settings for the preconfigured tool:

Tool name: [assignment/project name]
Tool URL:
Consumer key: Course ID
Shared secret: LMS Secret Key

You can find both of these IDs in your Course Details. Set the default launch container to "New window".

Once you save the changes and are back in the page to "Add a new External Tool", you will need the same tool URL and Shared secret as above.

After you save the External Tool, it will create a link under your courses. Click on the web link you just created to complete the setup.

You will be directed to Mimir Classroom and see the following screen:

The project/assignment you're syncing will be automatically selected if the names match; otherwise, select the intended project/assignment name. Only draft or scheduled coursework with no submissions will be displayed in the dropdown menu. After you click "continue", you will be redirected to your assignment/project to finish scheduling.

Student Steps to Finalize Setup

The final step is for your students. When the coursework goes live, students will be prompted to access the corresponding assignment in Moodle before they can start work. If students don't follow the steps to finalize setup, we will not be able to sync their grade. They will be shown this page when the coursework goes live in Mimir:

If students click the Moodle link and don't already have an account, one will automatically be created for them.

Pushing Grades to Moodle

When you're done grading, you can select students and release the grades. Once the grades are released, they will be automatically synced and updated to Moodle.

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