When you choose to leave feedback on a student's project or assignment question, you will find a list of "Quick Comments" on the right hand side of the comment field. Clicking on one of these options will add it to the text area where you will be able to edit it before sending.

The quick comment list is dynamic and it will morph and change as you leave feedback on your students' assignments and projects. We have pre-populated it with a few comment options for now, but over time the list will begin to suggest comments you have recently used.


As soon as you leave feedback on a question, the comment will be added to the list. The order of the comments will change based on the question you're grading so that the comments at the top correspond to the question you're in. You can remove comments by clicking on the trash symbol.


The list of comments for projects will change as well based on how frequently you use a comment while grading a project. Removing a comment works the same way.

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