Here's what's new in Mimir Classroom this month!

  1. Quiz Support For Assignments

  2. Quick Comments

  3. Assignment and Project Analytics

  4. Sorting and Better Filtering 

Quiz Support For Assignments

Assignments can now be configured as quizzes. When an assignment is in quiz mode, students will be able to work on it during the time that it is open for their section. Once a student has submitted their work, the quiz and its contents will not be visible to them until grades are released.

Instructors have the ability to set section-specific passwords to ensure that only students with a valid password have access to the quiz during the time that is assigned to their section.

Late days are not an option in quiz mode, but extensions can be granted. Read more about quiz support.

Quick Comments

When you're ready to leave feedback on your students' code, you will be able to choose from a list of suggested comments. We have pre-populated the list with a few comments you can choose from, but over time the list will start to contain comments you have recently used. Read more about quick comments for assignments and projects.

 Assignment & Project Analytics

You may have noticed a new tab in assignments where some analytics have been added. This month we have also standardized the appearance of project analytics and have added in-line charts to display students' success rate on each test case over time.

Sorting And Better Filtering  

Last but not least, we've added sorting at the coursework level and within the submissions tab. You can choose to sort students by first name, last name, grade, and submission date. Filters, searches, and sorts are also summarized at the top of the list with an option to quickly clear your selections.

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