New at Mimir Classroom this month!

  1. Submission cooldown setting

  2. Importing assignment questions to new assignments

Setting a Submission Cooldown 

We have changed the submissions settings for projects so that by default students have to wait 5 minutes in between submissions. Students will get immediate feedback as usual and can use the cooldown period to fix and test their code. 

You can increase and decrease the time students need to wait or turn it off altogether from the project submissions settings. Don't worry, students will know when they start the project that there is a cooldown and will have a count down clock from the submission page! You can read more in our help docs.

Importing Assignment Questions

The next time you're setting up assignments, you'll be able to import questions from other existing assignments in your account. Clicking on "Import Question" will take you to a modal where all your active and archived courses are displaying the assignments and the corresponding question within them.

You will be able to edit the question as usual after importing. 

See you on the next release!

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