Providing context, reasoning, and guidance is what teaching is all about. Mimir Classroom allows instructors to provide contextual feedback on project submissions when students need it or when you're ready to release the grades. 

As you go through student submissions, you can select one or multiple lines of code to leave feedback on, or open the feedback panel to leave a comment on the overall submission. When you leave a comment on code, there will be a link to view the comment in the code viewer. 

The "Save Comment" button will add the comments to a messaging service that bundles them up and delivers them when you select to release the grades, that way you can start grading earlier without having to wait for late days or extensions. 

The "Send Now" button sends the comment immediately to the student who is notified via email. This is especially useful if students request feedback while they're working on the assignment or if you would like them to act upon that feedback before grading. 

Students can also respond to your feedback through this system so that you can facilitate asynchronous feedback on their work.

Students are automatically opted-in to receive email notifications of this feedback on projects. If they would rather not receive the email messages they can turn this feature off in Notification Settings with the control seen below.

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