We have a few updates this month, some small, some have been annoying you for a while. Check them out:

Reorder Questions in Assignments 

Using the same icon, drag and drop assignment questions to reorder them but on a much smaller area - trackpad friendly and scrollable.

Releasing Correct Solutions on Assignments

When you create an assignment with code review, checkboxes, multiple choice and code questions, you can set up to release the solution to those question types when the student receives their grade. 

Saving Feedback to Students to Be Sent With Grades

Leave feedback on students' work at any time during the length of the project/assignment and choose whether you want to send the feedback immediately or save it to send it with the grades.

Learn more about sending feedback on assignments and projects and which one to choose. 

Viewing TA submissions

After our January release TA submissions were not available for instructors to review like in the previous version, now you can access their submissions from the Sandbox and sort through all of their submissions by choosing one of your TAs.

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