Sharing Content With Others

To share a piece of content (assignments, projects, lessons or folders) from your organization's content library click on the "share" button or on the folder's hamburger menu. Select "Share". 

This modal is your hub for sharing options for each piece of content. You can enter the email of the person you'd like to share with. They will receive an email with a link to view it; if they don't have a Mimir Classroom account, they will be prompt to create one. If they don't have access to the content library, we will have to verify their account before they can view the content to help keep curriculum only accessible to instructors. It's usually a pretty fast process during office hours.

Notice you will also be able to remove access to each individual email or to all emails. Since this is a shared folder for your university, your colleagues who use Mimir Classroom will have the same rights to grant and remove access.

Receiving Shared Content

If your Mimir Classroom account has access to the content library you have been verified as an instructor. If so, any content shared with you will appear automatically in your "Shared with me" folder. 

Items in this folder will reflect changes the owner makes on their side but recipients only have read access. 

Using Shared Content

When you receive content from another instructor, the items in "Shared with me" will reflect their current version. If you want to use the content at its current state, you can "Use in Course" to add it to an existing course, or "Copy" to add a copy to your content library. 

This will generate an independent copy of the current version, it will not update when the original version is changed. You can always go back to the "Shared with me" tab and generate a new copy of that content.

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