From your course page, you can select multiple assignments or projects and choose "Schedule Coursework" from the Bulk Actions menu. 

This will take you to a modal where all the assignments and projects are listed allowing you to edit them without having to go into each one of them and allowing you to expand the sections if you want to use different dates for each section. Changing the dates will allow you to schedule the coursework. However, if you just want to change the dates and leave the assignment/project as draft, you can check the "Save As Draft" checkbox. 

This is specially useful when you're copying a course from one term to another. You will be prompted to specify the new start and end dates for the course which we will use to move the coursework dates.

This is just an approximation, the coursework will land in the same order and with the same cadence, you can then go to the course page, select all coursework and edit the start and end dates accordingly.

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