Embeddable REPLs are perfect for making your lessons interactive within Mimir Classroom or wherever you can use an embedded iframe! To get started, toggle open the profile section in the bottom left corner, and click on "Embeddable REPLs".ย 

From here you can manage your existing REPLs or create new ones.

All you need to do to get started is provide a name, a language, and some files. Currently, we only offer C/C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, and SQLite for REPLs. The files you provide will be the "starter" files someone sees when they open the REPL.

We will then provide you with the Embed code which you can use throughout Mimir Classroom in descriptions for courses, projects, assignments, questions, and lessons. They can also be used on other platforms where you can embed HTML in the editor. To learn how to embed your REPL in a Mimir description editor, follow this tutorial.

There is also a preview pane at the bottom, by clicking the play button, you can immediately test out your REPL!

REPLs are stateless, so if you refresh the page or reload the environment, all changes will be lost.

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