Parsons Problems are a new question type that can be found in the auto-gradable section of questions. 

If you're familiar with Code Questions, you will feel right at home with Parsons Problems. As you write the solution code, we parse them into line based blocks for use in the drag and drop editor. 

You can also write test cases just like you normally would. These help students get feedback while they're working on the problem.

In the Starter Code Panel, you can drag and drop solution blocks to the response area if you want them to be available to the students by default. These static blocks can help eliminate boilerplate code you don't want them to focus on in the problem.

You can also add Distraction Blocks that are not used to solve the problem, but can make students think a little harder to get the correct solution.

The student view shows the static blocks in their correct positions, and the rest of the blocks in the answer bank for them to organize.

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