Sometimes you need to change your test cases or the dates in your coursework, and you want your grades to change with them. Whatever the reason, we provide the ability to quickly regrade all of your students submissions for a Project or Assignment. 

This can take some time as we need to spin up new jobs for each test case on each submission, so we give you a rough estimate of how long we believe it will take to complete the regrade all and keep you updated as it goes on. 

To start the process, you can navigate to a Assignment, Notebook, or Project and click on the Regrade All action on the right hand control panel.

We'll provide you with visual feedback of the progress, and let you know when we're done.

All test cases which have changed since the students last submitted to them will be re-run, and students grades will be adjusted according to the new status. Additionally you can set all grades to require a manual re-evaluation so you can check and make sure everything looks good.

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