We've been working hard to enhance and refine a few features this month. Check them out:

Releasing Solution Code on Projects and Notebooks

When you create a Project or Notebook, you can release the solution code when the student receives their grade and their due date has passed. 

Manual Grading on Coding Questions

You can now add "Rubric Items" during the grading step of a coding question. This allows you to organize how you want to manually grade a question. By providing a name, score, and visibility setting, you can easily configure a manual grading portion of an auto-graded question.

Then you can easily mark up a student and see the breakdown of their automated and manual score on a question. 

Adding People to Your Course

We had noticed that there are many ways to add users to a course, but they were on different pages throughout the app, and did not explain how they worked. To help out, we have reorganized and reworked the various options, and centralized where to find it.  There is now an "Add People" Button on the Course page which opens a modal with the different options, and a short description of how they work. Each option is more interactive and have a lot of the kinks worked out.

Other Small Changes

  • Multi-line checking for regex in IO Test Cases. Learn More 

  • Updated cmake to 3.15 for C/C++ IO environments

  • Added a "no h files" flag for C and C++

  • "Section Course Codes" which allow instructors to provide access to a specific section directly.


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