Sometimes you want to make rich descriptions for your assignments that may include videos, REPLs, and other types of interactive content. The Mimir description editor offers a convenient way to insert embeddable elements.

The element you want to embed should include some HTML code that you can copy and paste. Here's what it looks like on Youtube, Google Docs, and Mimir's Embeddable REPLs. If you already have embeddable code, skip to the Embedding in Mimir section below


Click the "Share" button below the video you want to embed:

Then, click "Embed":

You can then adjust some settings about how the embed will look, and click "Copy"

To finish embedding, continue to the Embedding in Mimir section below.

Google Docs

Click "File" on your Google Doc and select "Publish to the web":

Then click on the "Embed" section.

You'll see a notice like this to confirm your choice. When you publish a Google Doc like this, anyone with the link can view it, but not edit it. The link will not be published anywhere you don't choose to publish it.

You should see a code like this:

Copy the text and continue to the Embedding in Mimir section below.

Mimir REPLs

For Mimir's embeddable REPLs, check out the help doc here to learn how to get the code for descriptions.

Embedding in Mimir

Once you've got the embed code, you can put it in just about every description editor on Mimir Classroom. Go to "Edit" page you of the item you want to embed your element in. We'll embed something in a course description in this example, but you can also embed things in project, assignment, question, and lesson descriptions.

Click on this button:

This will pop up an editor for the raw HTML code of the description. 

Here, you can paste in the code. Often, the code will have style rules like "width" and "height", which you can adjust to your liking.

Click "Save".

You should now see your embedded content in the editor! Click "Save" in the top right corner, and when your students see the description, they should see your embedded content:


Youtube, Google Docs, and Mimir's REPLs aren't the only thing you can embed. If you can get an iframe or embed from it, you can probably use it in a Mimir description! If you are having trouble with embedding content, it may be because only certain domains are whitelisted to be in Mimir's descriptions. If you have a request, be sure to let us know by messaging us with the button in the bottom right corner, or send us an email at

Remember, our support team is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, and never gonna run around and desert you.

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