Late day pools allow you to set up courses where the student has a set number of late days which they can use throughout the duration of the class. To enable the late day pool on your course, turn the setting on in your course settings:

Enabling the late day pool will give all new students the specified number of days, and as students work on projects during the semester, they can then use up their pool to submit their coursework late with no penalty. If you already have students in your course, you'll have to go to the "Directory" page to set their late days remaining in bulk. 

Each time a student uses a late day from their pool, it will give them an extra 24 hours to submit. So, for example, our course has 5 late days per student. "Project 1" was due 3 hours ago, and "Project 2" was due 36 hours ago. If a student opts to use a late day from their pool on "Project 1", they will have 21 more hours to submit. If a student opts to use a late day on "Project 2", they will have to opt-in to using two late days, which will leave them with 12 more hours to submit. After doing both of these actions, the student will have two late days remaining.

Late Day Limits 

We have optional settings on coursework that enable you to restrict how many late days may be used on that specific coursework. This can help you have a policy where students have 10 late days throughout the semester to use, but can only use a few on a given piece of coursework.  


Group projects currently do not support late day pools, but this is feature is currently planned and in development.

Students can not use late days from their pool on quizzes or exams.

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