Student Test Cases are a way to enable your student to use their own input or unit test cases within a Code Question on an assignment. To enable this feature, Add a Student Test Case through the Add Test Case dropdown on Code Questions.

You'll be presented with a familiar form that enables you to configure parts of the test case ahead of time for your students. For example, you can force them to use a specific main file name, or give them a default input which could be a starting point for them to test their own functionality. You can also provide extra command line arguments, and hide certain parts of their results.

You can use our Assignment Preview feature to see how a student would interact with these test cases. Students will be presented with our new Code Question layout, and have a new tab called "My  Test". Here they can modify the Main file if you did not preset it and modify the input to try out their code.

The Test Case Result is expandable, and respects the visibility options you chose on the Student Test Case form. The Pop out button will launch the result in the familiar modal view. 

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