Happy Halloween! We've been working hard to create and enhance a few features this month. Check them out:

Student Test Cases

You can now enable students to write basic test cases while working on Code Questions. This can encourage students to experiment with their own values instead of relying solely on the test cases you provide for feedback.

Late Day Pool Limits 

We've enhanced late day pools by adding the ability to limit the number of late days you can use on a given project or assignment. This can help out in cases where you might give a student 15 late days for a semester, but only allow them to turn something in 3 days late.

Learn more about Late Day Pool Limits

Rubric Items on Projects

By providing a name, score, and visibility setting, you can easily configure Rubric Items that can provide feedback to students as to how they're being evaluated on manual portions of a project. All existing manual scores have been migrated to a Rubric Item named "Manual Grade". 

Other Small Changes

  • Regrade all on Assignments now regrades multiple choice and check boxes questions

  • Added a Search feature for importing questions on Assignments

  • Full screen toggle for terminal outputs

  • Accessibility improvements


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